*Peeks around the door of the cafe as she opens it, her eyes scanning the place for a certain adorable baker, planning to sneak up and surprise him. She feels around in her apron for the champagne poppers she brought with her.*

*When she spots him, her whole plan disappears as she squeals loudly, a wide grin on her face* CARL! *Dashes into the shop and gives him a big squeeze* Hiy-EEP! *Jumps back as one of the poppers explodes in her hand* Owie owie… *Shakes her hand frantically, whimpering. Grimaces as she inspects it for damage and finds plenty of it. Remembering Carl, she looks back up at him, her mouth gaped wide* Omigosh! I’m so sorry, Carl! I forgot it was in my hand! You’re okay, right? You’re not hurt, are you? 

Chase, you big dummy!

*Purses her lips together. Frustration showing clearly on her face and in her wadded up fists held tightly at her side. Tears begin to leak out of her eyes. * It doesn’t take two hours to read two pages!

*Squeezes her eyes shut trying to stop crying, but the tears keep coming anyways.* Oh, shut up, Chase! It’s not a fake tan! Okay? And if I dyed my hair I wouldn’t expect you to give a fig! But I’d be stupid enough to come and show you anyways in hopes that you might! But I don’t see why you would if you don’t even care if I’m gone for months on end without word or care enough to even crack a smile when I finally do come back and maybe pretend that you missed me! I bet that if I were anyone else you could at least do that much!

Do you hate me or something, Chase? ‘Cause you coulda told me earlier if you did! Then I wouldn’t have brought you A STUPID SOUVENIR! *Frantically gropes around in her pocket and takes out a packet of cookies in a bright orange wrapper and foreign writing on it. She stares down at it for a moment, and pulls her shoulder back, about to throw it at his head. She sets her arm in motion* AGH! *And viciously tears open the wrapper with her teeth, stuffing five of the shortbread cookies into her mouth at once. Chews aggressively, staring down at the packet of cookies like it offended her grandmother’s cooking.* 

lowerkased-deactivated20131106 sent: Charmed. ♥ [Chuckles as he watches her leave, leaning back in his chair - the front two legs lifting precariously as he does so. Grins at her the moment she reappears.] Not as excited as I've been to see everyone, heh! ♪ Been hitting up as many people as I can! Can't find Angela, though - and I haven't seen Jin, come to think of it. Or Candace. Or Gill, actually, or Big Mayor Hammy. Or the Wizard - or the Witch. Huh. [Blinks.] I'm missing a bunch still!

They’ll turn up! I’m pretty sure. Especially when they hear that you’re back in town! I’m sure they’ll be excited to see you!

*plunks down in the chair opposite him and leans forward, elbows on the table, head in her hands* What were you up to anyways, Kasey? I heard from Mom that you were gone for a while, what made you want to come back all of sudden?

*jolts up, waving her hands in front of her* Not that Castanet isn’t great, I mean! I don’t mean that there’s not much keeping anyone here! This place is wonderful! *smiles* I guess… I guess I’m just sort of asking what you missed most about this place? Like, what’s the thought that made you think “I wanna go home”

OoC: Goin’ to bed for the night, peeps. I know I still owe Kasey, Molly, Felicity, Gill… And I think that’s it? Yeah. If I forgot anyone, let me know. Good night~

i-invented-adventure sent: *Gives a large smile when she receives the hug, chuckling a bit* Well, I'm glad you're back! I missed you, too. I've been doing pretty well, actually. There've been quite a few, believe it or not. I made a machine that used to be able to mop the floors in the store, but it's broken now, unfortunately. I'm looking to see if I can sell it to someone willing to take it apart or something.

Ah! *giggles* We need one of those! It’s so boring having to wash the floors at the inn, ‘cause there’s so much floor to wash! The cleaning seems endless! Oh! But, if you’re looking for someone who likes inventions, um… Have you ever been to Flowerbud? Or Sugarleaf before? I think that’s the place! There’s a super amazing inventor there I know! *giggles* You two might get along!

lowerkased-deactivated20131106 sent: Oh! [Stamps a foot before making a grand elaborate bow, replying almost to the floor for how low he's bent:] Why thank you, madame! [Straightens up and fiddles with an imaginary monocle, taking a seat at the table with an:] I say, wot, this inn is really quite lovely! Yet not nearly as lovely as the waitstaff! ♪

*ducks behind her hands and peeks out at him, giggling* Well! I’m glad our most esteemed customer enjoys our beloved inn so! As your waitress for the time being it’s an honor to serve you! Let me know and I will help you in any way I can! *curtsies, then fumbles, quickly straightening up and flashing him a sheepish smile*  Um, allow me to put in your order with our gracious chef! That way you won’t have to wait too long! *Skips off into the kitchen*

*Reappears momentarily, grinning* So, Kasey! Did you go to visit everyone already? I’m sure they’ll be super duper excited that you’re back!


[she sighs loudly and rests her head] Yeah, I’m Felicity. What’s yet name? [she sips her water, finding its helping her immensly]

My name’s Maya! *reaches for a name tag to show her, but realizes that she never wears one and drops her hand* I’m the waitress here! And I live here. This is my parents’ inn. We get visitors from all over here. Especially in the summer time. It’s nice! What’s Echo Village like? 

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cutestcookinthekitchen said:[Felicity rolls her shoulders] Silly?! I’m at the top of my game. [stands up quickly to prove that, but grows dizzy and sits back down] Or… I could stay for the night. I’m from Echo Village… That’s… Prrrretty far away.


*nods, happy the girl’s relented* Echo Village? I think I’ve heard of there! But, you’re right! It’s pretty far out~ I’m glad you’re staying the night! I was kinda worried you might not get home safe! Oh! Not that our boats in and out aren’t safe! Pascal’s a wonderful captain! But, just, um, 

You said your name was Felicity, right?